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No Frills
Express Coffee Training


For those who love coffee and is interested in learning &

the basics and foundation of espresso coffee making.

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Lesson Flow

2 Hours session will be divided into 2 sections:

For the Practical session, there will be 4 parts to it:

- Theory: 20-30 Minutes

- Practical: 1.5 Hours

- Espresso Extraction (Callibration of Coffee)

- Steaming of Milk (Frothing + Texturizing)

- Latte Art (Heart, Tulip, Rosetta)

- Cleaning & Maintenance of coffee machine

What our customers say

Yi Ting is a very professional trainer. She is patient, friendly and helpful! She is even willing to go to the extra mile to answer my questions before/after the lesson! She makes sure that we pick up the skill and try to point out the mistake after the class to help us improve!


Coffee Making Process

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